Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fashion Designing Colleges in India

India has a fast-growing fashion industry with a rapidly increasing need for qualified fashion designers. Today, Indian fashion houses and apparel companies cater not only to the local demand for fashionable goods but also cater to an International market. This is because many top fashion houses overseas import Indian creations for their fashion lines. Hence individuals who seek fashion-designing jobs must keep abreast of new information and facts on fashion designing.

 This is especially important in the competitive fashion industry of present times as a fashion designer is deemed only as good as his or her last line. To meet the requirement for so many qualified fashion designers therefore there are many new fashion designing colleges and universities India many of which only allow applicants a seat if they prove their level of interest and commitment. Admission into many such institutions is hence a difficult process with many applications being rejected each year.

 However on the other side, it is a known fact that the top fashion designing institutes in India have turned out some of the most respected designers in the world today. Many Indian designers have established a reputation for themselves even overseas. Their success has drawn many more people to this line of work.

 Some of the top fashion schools in India have also established their reputation for turning out excellent designers. Graduates from these universities undoubtedly find it easier to find jobs with top fashion houses.
 Some of the top institutes in India include The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), The National Institute of Design and The Pearl Academy

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