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Fashion Designing Colleges in India

India has a fast-growing fashion industry with a rapidly increasing need for qualified fashion designers. Today, Indian fashion houses and apparel companies cater not only to the local demand for fashionable goods but also cater to an International market. This is because many top fashion houses overseas import Indian creations for their fashion lines. Hence individuals who seek fashion-designing jobs must keep abreast of new information and facts on fashion designing.

 This is especially important in the competitive fashion industry of present times as a fashion designer is deemed only as good as his or her last line. To meet the requirement for so many qualified fashion designers therefore there are many new fashion designing colleges and universities India many of which only allow applicants a seat if they prove their level of interest and commitment. Admission into many such institutions is hence a difficult process with many applications being rejected each year.

 However on the other side, it is a known fact that the top fashion designing institutes in India have turned out some of the most respected designers in the world today. Many Indian designers have established a reputation for themselves even overseas. Their success has drawn many more people to this line of work.

 Some of the top fashion schools in India have also established their reputation for turning out excellent designers. Graduates from these universities undoubtedly find it easier to find jobs with top fashion houses.
 Some of the top institutes in India include The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), The National Institute of Design and The Pearl Academy

Tailoring a Fancy Dress

Shopping for fancy dress items means getting the facts right. If the child is going to present the fancy dress, then utmost care and details must be collected about the character. Go in for something unique if you are creative. Remember to rehearse and allow the child time to practice for the grand day. There may be unknown people in the audience and stage fear is a common problem and hence helps the child to understand the stage concept.

 A children's fancy dress theme has to be clearly understood. For a national day fancy dress, it is nice to dress your child as a national leader or freedom fighter. In case you are dressing your girl child as Netaji then make sure to do something about her pigtails and remove her earrings and also draw a mustache. It is so easy to stitch a fancy dress as a clown or one can look at other clown kid’s fancy dress costumes and get a nice idea.

 While employing a tailor the concept or theme must be explained. The tailor is a professional and hence it is important to seek his opinion about the fall of the garment. Do follow his suggestions as the stitched item cannot be constantly altered. Get the measurements right. For a penguin dress shop for soft toy material in black, white and do some paintings on the neck of the penguin in yellow. Using the headgear or stitching it like a hood is a proper trick.

 Stitching is definitely an option than to do a last minute search of a fancy dress to buy from exclusive shops. For a sea creature like prawns, mermaid or a star fish get the bounce effect right and closures must come correct. Use the right colors and also use materials with cotton inners for the best comfort of your child. While making a tomato for your dress use tights in red and also remember to do the torso with a bounce-rounded effect. The dialogues and walk completes the effect. Easy stitch ideas are like a lady finger dress, banana and also the Santa Claus.  

Rehearsing For a Fancy Dress: Firstly it must be clear in our minds that a fancy dress theme means to enjoy and participate. At play school level one is allowed to watch the child but schools generally conduct it in their classes. The clothes that are made or hired must have the comfort quotient always high. The child must be educated how to handle the props or use the crown or any head gear. Teachers and helpers take adequate care and so the child is able to present himself in the same decorum.

 For a hired dress the child must be comfortable with the size. Do not adjust the size forcibly as this is sloppy and may come off or seem uncomfortable on the stage. Ask the shop if any kind of altering is allowed and proceed for the same. The shops charge a rate and also ask for a stipulated time delivery schedule. Caring for the hired clothes is surely a responsibility.

 The fancy dresses come in as angel fancy dress or a cartoon character. Whatever you decide it’s important to make the child rehearse the walk, hold the props, use the make up and recite the dialogues. One must rehearse in a professional way as any kind of joke will be picked up by the child in the same manner. In case you are dressing the child as a penguin or a sea horse then first let them know the names of other sea creatures. Show them pictures of the same in magazines and slowly let them learn the words.

 Make dialogues which are easy to understand and yet allow them to pronounce clearly. In case you include a difficult word then split the same phonetically so that they learn the break up well. Earlier let them just run through the dialogues and slowly get the act with expressions and hand gestures. All children are born actors and they love to mimic you. Hence our act has to be perfect and the preparation has to be done well. Certainly do not goad your child to do something forcibly. Give them time and persuade them.   

How to Make a Fancy Dress:  

One can depict the nuances of an apsara, the vengeance of an asura or the benevolent nature of the Gods. These can be done with lot of jewelry, artificial armor and hire shops in India generally stock these attires. Using gold, halo effect and the crown, all kids look great and angelic in the attire. Help them rehearse a few lines in simple language that is allowed. 

 In case you wish to buy a fancy dress material and stitch up the same then go to a wholesale soap that have the fancy items for upholstery and other craft items. You could keep a main picture or use a magazine picture like a caricature of Mickey or Pooh and then use the same color fabric to get the bouncy effect.

 Fruit ideas can also be found in the fancy dress shops and certainly the best fancy dress ideas are the original concepts. Use cloth sticking for a strawberry or grapes. Get into painting shading and prepare in advance. If you are a novice then browse some pictures to encourage yourself and begin work on a rough concept. All ideas are doable with planning and effort.

 Shapes are very easily done in broad cutout done on cardboard. The same can be stuck with colored paper or using some cloth in poplin. If you do not have the expertise to stitch or use the sewing machine, then hand stitch the same. In case this is difficult or you are pressed for time, enquire with a local tailor if he could do the same for you. Communicating to the tailor is very important and he may be a novice in terms of stitching a fancy dress.

 Get the method right and do the first try-out on paper or newspaper. See the child’s comfort level and measure the height clearly. Allow a few inches on the seams and also in case you are using fillers then use light weight ones. The best filler is newspaper, cotton balls or the bean bag pellets.   

Fancy Dress Themes : Ideas are originated almost spontaneously and school authorities do their best in deciding the theme for a fancy dress. In general gatherings on extempore competitions the theme is general and the main idea is to initiate participation. An annual meet in the society or club is a great way to break the ice and mingle easily with others. When a competition is organized people participate and a communication is established. The theme for a fancy dress is a broad one and gives a lot of opportunity for people to express their creativity. 

 A fancy dress online gives you many ideas that is to be understood. International concepts of a fancy dress are surely about neatness and there are many more shops that deal in hire costumes. The fabric is also conducive to the weather as the climate there is usually cold. Use the Halloween concept as a theme and make your own fancy dress with the Chinese candle, Pumpkin and a ghost. Though scary the vampires and Dracula’s are much fun and there could be a carnival theme.

 For an Indian fancy dress use an interactive concept almost going to a puppet show. Here the family participation would be a great idea. Parts of mythology, comical representation or a family drama enhance the mirth and enjoyment. While deciding a theme be clear on the concept as the guidelines have to be very friendly. Themes can be of flowers, rare species, animals or insects. It will be surprising to see the enterprise of participants and there is so much to learn.

 The theme can be ‘save a world’ or precisely aquatic animals from the sea world. A theme of sports personality or daily utility items like mug or toothbrush is also of immense value. The main thing is about dialogues too and the language has to be communicative. For children use short sentences and animation or for toddlers much can be said with placards. It is to be understood that comfort for the child is a main concern so do a zipper or get a Velcro stitch that is easily removable. Inners in soft cotton are a must. 

Fancy Dress Ideas :  For a general theme of fancy dress, dress your baby as a fairy, angel or the typical Indian goddess. Flamboyance, make up and ornaments to deck up your daughter as a Mahalaxmi, Durga or Laxmi. For boys there are many ideas like a sport star, farmer, baker or a shop owner. 

 Singing and dancing is an integral part of growing up.Take this opportunity to dress your child as a rock star and there are fake tattoos, bike jackets, nose rings, face make up and also accessories to let them have the look. A dancer’s image can be western or Indian. Let them dress as a Bhratnatyam exponent or use some skill as a flamenco dancer. The idea is to let them get into an avatar that speaks about their personality.

 Environment and ecology awareness ideas usually do much on the stage. Dress them as a plastic bag and use some dialogues like ‘I am a plastic bag loved by all. You cannot do without me.’ Similarly make a paper bag on the reverse of the participant who says ‘I am gonna replace you plastic. Here I come to save the world.’ Make your child dress as a creeper or a tree with minimal dialogues. Dress your child as earth and show some pictures of floods. This is easy for small children who are yet to speak. Conveying through pictures or written work is also allowed in most competitions.

 For a vegetable fancy dress day the easiest is to dress the child as tomato or potato. Use a white card paper and draw the picture of the same. Use similar shades akin to the vegetable and let the child help you with the same. A head stalk affixed to a cap for a chili costume or brinjal is certainly an advantage. Get some benefits of the vegetable like peas and make a small rhyme if you can. Choose words that convey and yet easy to pronounce. 

Fancy Dress Hire or Buy ? Usually the first fancy dress for your child is a souvenir item. This can be Halloween pumpkin or the Harry Potter’s wand but then it is a part of memory. One would surely love to buy items which has utility later but it is also sensible to look into hire options for a one time occasion.

 Size and height does matter as the child has to be comfortable in what they wear. For a girl the fancy dress as a fairy can be a mixed effort of creative talents as wings, wand and a tiara can be made by you and the dress can be a white or pink gown in frilly nature. The Halloween or carnival costumes can be done with so many ideas which can be your own original idea.

 In case the theme is like making a utility item or kitchen item then surely you need to hire the services of an expert and these items or not readily available. Characters like Spider man or Bat man body suit is certainly available in the shops and usually boys love to keep wearing them. Buying a princess dress for a girl child is also a pleasure and one can also complete the same with tiara-wand set that is seen in most shops.

 Hiring is also easy for a community helper theme wherein your child has to dress like a nurse or doctor. The apron and the head piece can also be adjusted and one must remember to return the pieces correctly. Learn the hire guidelines clearly as many shops also do a small charge for spoilage or grime. Also the number of days for which the hire is valid is also stipulated.

 Fancy dress like a penguin or dove can also be stitched by a tailor and kept as a thing to be remembered. Use simple ideas like chili or potato for the preschoolers where the dress can be made and hire items can be done for a sea creature or a more complex theme like planets or kitchen utility items. All is complete with a dialogue and practice makes the delivery perfect.    

Fancy Dress Competition : The costumes and ideas for a fancy dress are not simple anymore. Parents do realize that school level competitions are about engaging in the best about creativity. Usually the theme is decided and there are few rules to be followed. Dressing the child means having complete knowledge of the kids fancy dress costumes. A fancy dress for sale in India is also available in many shops. 

 The children’s fancy dress costumes for girls especially in the angel category can actually be created. Buy a white gown in lace and also some wings that are readymade. Use your own idea to make a wand or get the same package from the shop. Shoes can be with stockings in silver or some design. The main thing is about a nice hairstyle and make up. Doll your baby with a tiara and starry broach to complete the angelic look.

 The general theme for a fancy dress is most likeable. Many times this can be a competition for the family participation. Use a simple style like a farmer family and the father can dress in a colored dhoti and a half coat in khadi. Use a broad turban in plain color. Props here can be a plough made in cardboard and shiny silver paper. For the farmer lady a basket and a nose ring along with a traditional sari completes the look. The girl child with the Indian ghagra choli with facial art makeup around the temples and chin seems perfect.

 A competition requires many days of preparation for the parent and more so for the child. Initially it is best to get the child’s opinion and it is amazing to know that they are so aware about things. Introduce the child to view a fancy dress so that they are in awe of things. Dress the child in comfortable wear. Use cotton lining to help their skin breathe. An immediate change of clothing and removal of make up is important. Keeping the dialogues minimal and practicing the same is essential.   

Dialogues For a Fancy Dress :  For a fancy dress a lot of preparation is essential. Your child could be facing the stage for the first time. Prepare your self fully and if possible in front of the mirror or create a mock audience. About any dialogue it is important that you do it sincerely with the accent and punctuation. Verbal weightage is given in all competitions along with the body language you exhibit. Make sure that the clothing is comfortable and especially note that the make up is good and the props don’t get sloppy. 

 For fancy dress for your child the exposure is very important to understand the concept. Show them a few pictures online or if possible enact the entire episode in front of them. A family theme fancy dress is always easy and the dialogues are continual and disturbed. Animation comes naturally to children and hence the dialogues can be with the right punch. Use eye expressions and voice modulation and express the same to the child.

 A fancy dress has to be with minimum dialogues. Generally the authorities in school also lay the guidelines in a similar fashion. Generally the theme is general so that the kids can be done with simple hire clothes but again for an original creative idea there is always a special prize. The dialogue for a sheep can be ‘White and wooly here I come, Baa Baa.’ Or for a tribal boy the dialogues can be with general sounds and the prop spear doing the stomping.

 Ideas for fancy dress have to be done with dialogues. For older kids in the Montessori the dialogues can be in rhymes. For a girl dressed as pea pod the child can say, ‘Sweet and green I am peas.’ Or for a butterfly one can have ‘I love honey and flowers, Am colorful. Oh let me hide before the rainy shower.’ Dialogues for a cartoon character must have the subtle sounds they make which kids are naturally aware of. The dialogues need to be simple, must convey the theme and be in the language mentioned in the guideline.